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Health Informatics Shop

Here you will find products about health care information technology, ehealth, products for continuity of care, care records, standardized terminology, care pathways and care plans, analytics and big data and more.
We offer documents, software tools and courses. Examples include information security, electronic health record, HL7 messaging, Detailed Clinical Models, and archetypes.

Do you miss a product? Do you wish to sell your materials, please contact: zorgenict at results4care.eu

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About the e-Health shop

The idea for a web shop for health informatics products arose during the presidency of William Goossen at ACENDIO http://www.acendio.net, the European organization for nursing terminologies. Several researchers and developers create wonderful materials normally ending up in books and sold in the traditional way. But more and more we get request for digital materials e.g. for use in education. The health informatics shop is increasing its offers to the community. Several materials will remain for free. Others require some payment to justify the work to keep them online. Products include:

  • Articles, documents and reports
  • Courses
  • e-Learning and webinars
  • Digital materials for EHR and messaging, such as archetypes, templates, compositions
  • Software products for the specification and creation and implementation of Detailed Clinical Models

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